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[20-23/4/18] 30% Discount Off NosWheel Spins!



Apr 18

[18-25/4/2018] Asian Mode: Get your very own Kimono Set!

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Nostale - 18. April 2018
Discover the handicrafts of Asia in the new sets available in the NosMall: The Kimonos are made of light and elegant material and the associated weapon skins were made in the best smithies that the Far East has to offer. There are sets to match every class and gender, so don your traditional dress and show off your unique weapon!
Apr 10

Maintenance - 11.04.18

By Lady Sky (Community Manager) in Updates - 10. April 2018
Hey NosPlayers, Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance. When exactly? Wednesday April 11th 2018 from 09:00h to approximately 12:00h CEST. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time. What will be changed? Usual database optimization and server restart. Your NosTale Team
Apr 10

[10–13/4/2018] Full Moon Crystals and Fairy Wings

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale - 10. April 2018
There’s a very special package available in the NosMall between 10th April (11 AM CEST) and 13th April 2018 (11 AM CEST) – the Full Moon Bonus Box! This special box contains 20 Full Moon Crystals for upgrading your specialist cards. Plus in each and every Full Moon Bonus Box you either get 5 extra Full Moon Crystals or with a bit of luck some Fairy Wings! If you find a pair of Fairy Wings, you can use them to change the appearance of your specialist card’s wings. They also provide a chance
Apr 06

[6-9/4/2018] Double Jackpot Event

By Mizu (Content Writer) in Nostale - 06. April 2018
Look out for our first ever Double Jackpot Event! During this time the NosWheel has an additional jackpot segment, giving you twice the chance of landing a main prize!

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