NosTale's residents

Get to know the population of NosTale and find out who you need to visit for what.

Mimi Mentor
Mimi Mentor is always friendly and helpful. She will support you during your first steps into a life of adventure and has got loads of useful tips for you. Once you have reached level 15, you can choose the path of a swordsman, mage or archer. If you want to purchase structures and plants for your Miniland, you can get them from Mimi's shop.Miniland shop Change jobs Found a family
Calvin Coach
Calvin Coach is clever and can teach you many skills that will be of use to you when fighting monsters. Even as an adventurer, you can begin learning academy skills which improve your character's base values or attributes. If you have chosen a class already (swordsman, archer or magician), then Calvin will teach you the corresponding basic and plus skills when you have CP and gold to pay for them. Calvin Coach can be found in the northern part of NosVille, near Mimi Mentor.Learning skills
Malcolm Mix
Malcolm Mix is broody and absent-minded, but when it comes to alchemy there's no-one better. He helps you to brew magical potions, which refill your HP or MP for example. For every potion you will need special ingredients however. You will receive numerous quests from Malcolm, as he is always on the hunt for new ingredients for his studies. Be sure to visit him regularly and see if he has anything for you to do. If you want to improve your shoes or gloves through combination, Malcolm Mix is also the go-to guy. You will need sands from the Dona river and a certain amount of gold to do this. Malcolm also helps you to carry out the SP card upgrade from specialist level 21. Malcolm is on the western side of NosVille, near Eva Energy and Soraya Style.Shop for magic items Combines gloves/shoes Mixes potions Upgrades SP cards
Teoman Topp
Teoman Topp is a grumpy loner who rarely lets a friendly word slip out from his mouth.At his shop you can buy first-class weaponry, clothing and equipment items. When purchasing, you should make sure that your character has the necessary level and that the item is usable for their class. Teoman Topp also helps you to improve your or your partner's equipment. You can find him near his brother Teodor Topp, in the northern part of NosVille.Equipment shop Equipment upgrades Production of gloves / shoes
Teodor Topp
Teodor Topp is Teoman's brother and he is always looking to profit from something. You can attempt to increase the rare level of a weapon or piece of armour by using bets with him. For every attempt you will need 500 gold and 5 cella powder. He is near his brother, in the northern part of NosVille.Betting of items (game)
Eva Energy
Eva Energy is the friendly head of the NosVille market. You can buy food, snacks, pet food, materials and special items when you visit her. If you have the necessary materials, you can also cook a tasty recipe by visiting Eva. You will find here at the western side of NosVille, near Soraya Style and Malcolm Mix.Market (consumables, items for NosMates)
Soraya Style
The pretty Soraya Style attaches great importance to her appearance and always dresses well. In her shop, she offers accessories such as chains, bracelets and rings as well as new hair colours. When buying, you should note that all jewellery pieces require a certain minimum level. Soraya can add options to your accessories (increasing the HP/MP, reduction of the damage received from critical hits, etc.). To do so, you have to bring her your jewellery, a cellon and a little gold. The options will be added to your jewellery at random. You can fin Soraya on the western side of NosVille, near Eva Energy and Malcolm Mix.Fashion shop (accessories, hair colours) Upgrade of accessories
Slugg (Wanderer)
Slugg is a mysterious person. He likes to philosophise on life and makes a rather disillusioned impression. He always has all kinds of tasks for you - it pays to visit him often. Slugg can be found in the centre of NosVille, north-west of the start-warp tower.-
Titus Trip
When you want to measure your skill against other players in PvP duels, you should pay a visit to Titus Trip. For 500 gold he will teleport you to the individual arena, for 1000 gold you will get access to the family arena. If you want to register your family for a Rainbow Battle, you should also talk to Titus Trip. For a fee of 1000 gold he will also teleport you to Mount Krem, the home of the Kovolts. You can find Titus on Port Alveus Square and also on western Mount Krem.Registration for Rainbow Battle Entering the arena Teleport Deciding place of rebirth
Fabian Frost
You can obtain the 'Power of Protection' from Fabian Frost, which allows you to join either the Angel or the Demon faction. Only then is it possible for you to travel on the ship to Glacernon, where Angels and Demons stand opposed in PvP battles. Note that family members automatically join the faction that their family belongs to. The family's faction can only be changed by the familyhead. For them to do this, they have to acquire either the family version of the Egg for Angel or the Egg for Demons. Players that do not belong to a family can change their faction with the corresponding egg for individuals. Fabian Frost is on Port Alveus Square.Changes to the 'Power of Protection'
Leika Passage

At happy magician Leika Passage you can book a journey to the ice island Glacernon for 3000 gold - provided that you have the Power of Protection already. After you are on deck, you have to have a little patience, as the ship only casts off every five minutes. Leika Passage can be found at Port Alveus Square.Boat ride to the Ice Island Glacernon
Benito Butler
If you particularly like an other player, then you can even have your characters marry. For such festivities the man you need to see is Benito, Lord Cuarry's Butler. He takes care of all the details and will arrange an unforgettable celebration for you, including a tasty wedding cake and grandiose fireworks. Benito Butler can be found in front of the estate at the south end of Port Alveus Square.Marriage administrator
Doggo is a very experienced instructor. He can teach you special skills that you can't learn from Calvin Coach. If you want to make use of his services, you will need to seek him out in the NosCamp Cave on the westerly part of Mount Krem.Learning advanced skills
Catrisha of the Catsy clan not only plays a main role in the story of the 2nd Act but she also is an expert when it comes to the production of accessories. She can be found in the Cat Room in the Fir Forest.Production of accessories
The journey to Mortaz Desert Harbour can be booked for 30,000 gold with Isalin. As this area is very dangerous, the journey is only recommended for players at level 70. If you think you are ready for this adventure, seek out Isalin on Port Alveus Square.Ship journey to Mortaz Desert Harbour
Bibi Basar
Bibi Basar is the manager at the NosBazaar. She lets you sell unwanted items, without having to open your own shop. Drop off the items that you want to be rid of and they will then be offered to all players that browse the Bazaar. You can find Bibi Basar on Port Alveus Square, in Desert Eagle City, the Glacernon Citadel and in the shopzone.Open, use, manage NosBazaar
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