The most important menu windows

Character window [P] in the character window, you can see an overview of the different character values, the armour you have on, your NosMates and the battle statistics for Act 4.

Family window [select 'Family' in the character window]: the family window provides you with all the information about your family, ranks, members, messages etc.

Conversation window [Select 'Conversation' in the character window]: you can view films of previously completed chapters and read back through past dialogues here.

Quest window [O]: you can get information about current quests, completed time-spaces and your current progress in the NosTale story here.

Miniland Window [L]: you can get information about your Miniland and the welcome message along with the production points you need for your mini games. Constructions like plants, warehouses, decorations and mini games are also here.

Skill Window [K]: the skill window is divided into 3 categories. The training tab, with which you can view your passive base skills, is on the left. The skill tab, on which your fight skills are listed, is in the middle. On the right side, you will find the movement tab, where you can view emotions, the raid list, the shop, the private shop and the skills for picking up and resting.

Inventory window [I]: your inventory is divided into assorted categories. In the armour tab you will find important items like weapons, armour, shoes, gloves, amulets etc. Quest items and items are stored in the main tab. Everything that doesn't belong into the other two categories are stored in the others tab, for example, materials, food and other items. To prevent your armour inventory from becoming too full, the addition tab gives you extra space for specialist cards and costumes.

Messenger [N]: you can chat to other players here and add/remove them from your buddy list. Click on the house after one of your friend's names to get into their Miniland (as long as it is not closed). Click on the 'wings of friendship' after the friend's name to teleport to them, provided you have enough wings in your inventory.

System Options the system options give you the opportunity to change graphic settings, sound and notifications. You can change the resolution, turn window mode on or off and set the effects and music volumes. You can also block group invitations, buddy invitations, family invitations, trade and the whisper and speaking settings in the chat. You also have the option to switch the mousetrap on or off. This has the effect that your cursor automatically follows your opponents or jumps to items that are close by.

Chat window [Enter]: the chat window, which can be opened by pressing 'Enter' shows all your current conversations. Using the bar at the top you can decide which messages will be displayed. Using the drop-down list in the window you can select in which chat you want your message to appear. You can choose from: general, whisper, family and group. This is also possible via the following commands:

whisper/Character Name Text
Time-Space (Message to all players in Time-Spaces)!Text
Select last whispering chat partnerup/down arrow key

Further information on the chat function can be found under the Communication & Chat heading.

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