After you have logged in, your character will appear in the middle of NosVille. The diagram will then help explain the interface's main elements.

  1. Character information: alongside the character portrait you will see information on your name, current level, your special points (SP) and your mana and health points (MP and HP respectively). Additionally, in Act 4 you can see which camp you currently belong to.
  2. Effects: the effects give you updates about positive and negative changes in your character's status, for example, attack reinforcements or slowed down movements. Right-clicking on them gives you more detailed information about particular effects.
  3. Target information: the target information window complements the character information window. It gives you information about the name, the species, the element, the combat level as well as the mana- and health points of your chosen character, monsters, etc.
  4. Companion Information: shows you the status of your Nosmates (pets and partners) and also your group status, if you are part of a group.
  5. Quick slots: quick slots give you quick access to skills or items. You can use them via the pictured short-cuts (numbers [0-9] and [Q], [W], [E], [R], [T]). By pressing [Tab] you can quickly switch back and forth between two quick slots. To drag skills or items into a quick slot, simply open your inventory [I] or your skill window [K] and whilst holding down your mouse button, drag the desired item or skill into the quick slot space.
  6. Shortcuts: Shortcuts give you access to the most important menu windows. They give you access to your character [P], your skills [K], your inventory [I], your quest [O], your Miniland [L], your messenger [N] and the in-game guide [F11]. The symbols for notes, parcels, the NosMall and system options do not have shortcuts. You can only open them by clicking on them directly.
  7. Mini map: via the minimap you can view exits to other maps, NPCs, your current whereabouts and the position of your chosen destination. By left-clicking on the mini map you can also directly move to your chosen place.
  8. Experience points: the bar for experience points shows your combat and job level. You can also view the progress of your particular level from the displayed percentages. When the bar has reached 100%, you will move onto the next combat-/job level.
  9. Quest help: the quest help window gives you a short description of your current main and secondary quests. To get more detailed information about the quests, press [O].
  10. Event window: this window gives you information about the time remaining until the next event. You can also start the 'Icebreaker' and 'Instant Combat' events from this window. If a raid team has formed, you can join the team from this window. Messages that friends have sent you via your messenger are also displayed here.
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