Trade between players

To exchange items or gold with other players, click on the player and select the 'exchange' option. After they accept the exchange request, the transfer window will open. Both players then drag the items into the window and enter the gold amount that the other participant will receive (for the exchange of a certain amount of one item, drag whilst holding down the [Ctrl] key!). Once complete, click on 'registered' to show the other player your offer. If it doesn't look like the deal you discussed, you can still cancel. When both players are in agreement and then click on 'trade', the exchange is complete and no longer reversible.

Opening a private shop:
To sell items that you no longer want, you can make use of your private shop, where other players can buy them. To open a shop, you have to go to the commercial map, specifically the marketplace in NosVille or at Port Alveus Market. Open the skills menu ([K]), double click on the 'open shop' symbol. Enter a name for your shop and enter the desired items from your inventory into the shop window (for the exchange of a certain amount of one item, drag whilst holding down the [Ctrl] key!). Check that everything is correct and click on 'open' to finish the process. Your profits/sales will be displayed at the bottom of the shop window.

The NosBazaar will sell your goods to other players for you, when you set your items in it. To help you with the first steps, find Bibi Basar at Port Alveus Square, in Desert Eagle City, Glacernon Citadel and in the commercial map areas.

How to use the NosBazaar:

Open the NosBasar and select the option 'buy'. A window will then open with all items that are currently available for sale. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try using the search function. When you find the item you require, click on 'buy' and confirm the transaction. When it is not a bundle sale, you can select the amount of items. The purchased items can then be found in your inventory.

Select the option 'List' in the menu and put the items from your inventory in the window. Select the amount, the listing period and the price and then click 'list'. Select the 'bundle sale' option to sell items as a bundle package, for example, bundling 99 healing potions. The total amount per item is not allowed to exceed 1,000,000 gold. There is also a listing and sale fee.

NosMerchant medal
Using a NosMerchant medal will give you many advantages: you won't have to pay a sale fee; you will have a longer period of time. You will also receive a discount on the listing fees and will be able to list up to 100 items at the same time. The total amount for your items cannot be higher than 100,000,000 per item.
The offer period and the storage of sold items lasts for up to thirty days. The total number of your listed items includes those that have not been taken out of NosBasar and those whose time has expired. An overview of your listed items can be found under 'administration'. On general maps you will still have access to the NosBasar. The NosMerchant medal is available in the NosMall with a validity of seven or thirty days.

In the menu section 'administration', all of your listed items and the current state of your sales are displayed. If the sale has ended or the time period has expired, the items will be displayed in either blue or red text respectively. The storage time depends on whether you are using a NosMerchant medal or not. Without one, you have 7 days, with one you have up to 30 days to collect your items. After this time, your items and gold will disappear. You can cancel the sale of an item by clicking the 'quit' button. The gold from sales and the items (even expired ones) will be returned to your inventory.

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