What are time-spaces?

An important component of the main quest are the time-spaces (TS). You have to complete these to progress in the main quest. A time-space consists of multiple, connected maps and can be entered via a time-space stone. You can enter them in a group or on your own, although some time-spaces can only be entered alone. As soon as you start the mission, you have to hurry - all time-spaces have a time limit. You will also only have a certain amount of health, so be careful that you don't die - otherwise the mission will fail. Don't worry though, you can repeat them as often as you want.
For Hero missions you have to enter a Hero time-space. The first time-space can be entered from level five. Time-space stones that are unfinished (see different types of time-spaces) are displayed on the map as blue; completed ones are displayed as green. Hero missions are purple. After completion of a time-space you can receive cool items, armour, gold, reputation and dignity.

The different types of time-spaces:

  1. Normal Time-Space Stone

    Normal time-spaces will be displayed on the minimap. You have to complete these in consecutive order, for you to progress in the main quest.
  2. Instant Time-Space Stone (Stones with a Q)

    You will get these with certain quests (for example, on quests for Specialist Cards or on a time-space for the raid seal). When you click the stone in your inventory, you will be transported directly to the time-space. As soon as the quest is completed, the stone will disappear.
  3. Hidden Time-Space Stone

    Hidden time-space stones can only be found with Dowsing Sticks (available from Malcolm Mix in NosVille). In addition, you will require certain materials and a time-space piece to create the stone. NosTale has various time-space pieces which hold various missions in store. You can collect rare materials from time-space (group), get hold of raid seals in time-space (raid) or also level up in the hunting or individual time-spaces. Even for the main quest, you will have to find hidden time-spaces!

How to find your way around in time-spaces:

This mission map gives you information on spaces that you have not yet visited (black), ones that still contain monsters (orange) and those that you have successfully mastered (white). It also shows where your character is and gives you information on the exits. You can distinguish between used exits (blue), unused (black), locked ones (closed lock), opened ones (opened lock) and the exit to leave the time-space (green). In the time-space information you will get an overview of the mission goal, collected points, the current time-space's highscore and your health that remains before the mission fails. The time display shows the remaining time before the mission fails. The partially broken bar stands for seconds and the display in the form of a stone stands for minutes.

1) Mission map display : Shows the character's current location and the neighborhood.

2) Life / HP: If this reaches 0, the mission will fail.

3) Score: Current mission accomplishment score

4) Mission accomplishment requirement: Requirements to complete the current mission. These may vary.

5) Time Display: Time limit for the mission. The mission will fail if this reaches 0.

Available objects:

  • Boxes: these can contain usable items.
  • Levers: these are necessary for opening closed doors.
  • Crystal balls: these open different paths. You will have to complete your time-space differently, depending on your chosen crystal ball.

Reward for successful completion:

After successfully completing a time-space, the item window will open, displaying your reward.
Random item: after completing it, you will receive one of the indicated random items.
Special item: you will get one for first-time completion.
Bonus item: you will always receive one of these after successfully completing a time-space.

When you fail the mission:

If you fail, the fail window will open, you will leave the time-space and will have to start from the beginning. If you have not managed to complete a time-space twice in a row, you can also complete it in loser mode. This increases the time limit that is available to you. You will also receive the special item after successfully completing the time-space in this mode.

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