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Families and Groups

Family system
In guilds, known as 'families' in NosTale, many players join up to play together. They can have up to 100 members. You can form a family with a minimum of two other players. As founder, you will be made the familyhead and will have the most control. The other two will be called familydeputy. You can name as many family members as you wish to become familykeepers. Their powers will be designated by you.
To found a family, give it a name or to delete one, visit Mimi Mentor in NosVille or Lucia in Port Alveus. After a deletion, all members will be family-less for 24 hours, head and deputies have to wait three days to enter a new family.

The following criteria must be filled to found a family:

  • All three characters must have selected a profession (no adventurers!).
  • All have to have completed the main quest up to Act 1-1.
  • The familyhead must pay 200,000 gold.

Advantages to being a family member:

  • You can enter family raids.
  • You can enter in the rainbow battle and win a buff for your family.
  • It comes with your own family chat.
  • You can enter the 'Land of Death'.

You also have the opportunity to fight in a group of up to three players without having to belong to a family. To do so, select the characters that you would like to invite to the group and click on the [Group] button. The other player will receive a group invitation that he has to accept. If you want to leave the group, use the [Leave] button.

Group member advantages:

  • You will overcome difficult time-spaces more easily.
  • You'll have more fun while levelling up.
  • You will gather required quest items much faster.
  • You will have your own group chat.
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