What are skills?

There are many different skills that your character can learn and then use in battle. There is a difference between Academy skills, Basic skills and Plus skills.

Skill system

Every class has different skills available, all of which can be learned with CP. You receive two CP with every job level increase. You can learn skills with Trainer Calvin Coach in NosVille or with Doggo in the NosCamp Cave.

There are 3 skill types:

  1. Academy skills
    • You can learn these without CP and only require gold and the minimum level.
    • They improve specific base values that your character has, such as increased attack power or increase in recovery of HP and MP.
  2. Basic skills
    • Upon class selection, you will receive two basic skills.
    • You need CP (amount of CP required will vary), gold and the minimum level.
    • Your character receives completely new capabilities in the form of attack skills, buffs and debuffs.
    • The CP that you receive in the game is not enough to attain all the skills, so you need to choose wisely!
  3. Plus skills
    • Plus skills are expansions of the basic skills. You can learn them once you have mastered the basic skill required for the plus skill.
    • You can learn multiple plus skills. Sometimes you have to will have to choose between two or even three plus skills, whereas some basic skills only offer one plus skill.
    • Plus skills strengthen your basic skills or add a specific property to them.
    • You need CP, gold and the minimum level.

Learnt basic and plus skills can be resold back to Calvin Coach and Doggo when you no longer want them. You will receive CP and a little gold back, so that you can attain new skills. Remember to place important skills in your quick slots so that you can use them quickly at any time.

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