In NosTale there are pets and partners, that actively assist you in battle. These companions are known as NosMates.


You have to first capture a pet for it to accompany you on your adventures. This will not work on all the creatures that you face in the world of NosTale. The following explains what you need to watch out for:

Capture wild animals

  1. Check to see whether the monster can be caught and select it. The character must be at least one level higher than the monster.
  2. Fight the monster until its health is coloured yellow.
  3. Attempt to capture the monster by using the 'capture' skill.
  4. If it fails, you will have to wait until the cooldown for the skill finishes.

You can own up to ten, or with the pet slot expansion, up to 30 pets. You can only select a pet in your miniland. To take it with you, click on [Company].

Improve pet
Just like your character, your pet also receives experience when you defeat monsters. Their level also increases. On top of this, there is also special food that you can use to increase their level. If you want to increase the attack or defence level of your pet, you will need a pet trainer. You can get these from Eva Energy and then you can use them in your miniland. Your pet can also steadily further develop through training battles, however not all training units lead to an improvement.


Partners also accompany you on your travels, but you cannot capture them. They join you voluntarily. They are in-game characters that you meet whilst on your missions. You can have up to three partners. To select a partner, go to your miniland and click on [Company].

Improve partner
Your partner can also receive experience and increase in level by defeating monsters. With special food you can additionally increase their level. Unlike pets, partners are capable of using items such as weapons, armour, shoes or gloves. Weapons and armour must however be converted by Teoman Topp before a partner can use them. The attributes will remain the same after the conversion. However, you should make sure that the equipment suits the fighting style (close combat, range combat or magic) that your partner uses.

NosMate controls

[F1]Control the character without NosMate
[F2]Only control the partner (or just the pet, where no partner is present)
[F3]Only control the pet (when partner is present)
[F4]Control character including NosMate
[F5]Control character including all NosMates (only possible in Miniland and Time-Spaces)
[Ctrl] + [Left-click]Control a specific monster
[A]Send your NosMate to a specific location, any monsters en route to the location will be attacked.
[F]Send your NosMate to a specific location, any monsters en route to the location will not be attacked.
[S]NosMates stop their activities.
[D]NosMates attack the same target as the character
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