Miniland & mini games

In miniland you can create and decorate you very own virtual home, where you can invite friends, celebrate parties or simply enjoy a break from your stressful day-to-day life as a hero. On top of this, your NosMates and partners are also gathered here. Construct buildings here, like a residence or warehouse, decorate your garden and enjoy yourself playing some mini games. You can enter the Miniland from NosVille or Port Alveus. Alternatively you can use a 'bell of sweet home' to get into your Miniland from anywhere you like. To invite a friend, you can use the command [$invite character name] or set up a signpost. You can buy signposts from Eva Energy. You can also use signposts or your friends list to visit minilands that belong to other players.
There are various mini games that you can set up in your miniland (quarry, saw mill, firing range, fishpond). When another player plays with you and a certain amount of points are reached, you will both receive a reward. So, open your minland doors and let the games begin! The mini games come in the sizes 'basic', 'good' and 'great'. The basic versions are available from Mimi Mentor in NosVille. To be able to build the good and great mini games, you will need a building recipe and certain materials.

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