Major items


In NosTale, there are all kinds of goodies that will help your character regain their strength. There are two types: food and snacks.

Food: this food type can only be consumed during rest. It restores large amounts of life and mana points.

Snacks: snacks can be consumed any time, even during battle. As a result, they regenerate a considerably lower of stamina and mana points.

With special foods and special snacks, you can also increase your maximum stamina or mana point amount for a certain length of time.

Pet food: you should also treat your pet to a tasty bite every once in a while. Doing so will increase your pet's loyalty or experience points.

Other items

Seed of Power: the seed of power is usable in many ways and is one of the most important items in the game. If your character has been defeated, you can revive them at a cost of ten Seeds of Power. If you want to revive a NosMate, it will cost five Seeds of Power. You also need this item in order to enter Time-Spaces (the necessary amount will be displayed) and also to cancel a Time-Space mission (the necessary amount will also be displayed). The Seed of Power can be looted from most monsters. It will also normally be available in the shopzone.

Wing of Return: this useful item allows you to quickly and easily teleport back to your saved rebirth location. If you want to, you can also save your current location so that you can return there using an Amulet of Return. The Wing of Return is available from Malcolm Mix for 300 Gold.

Amulet of Return: provided you have saved your last current location, the Amulet of Return will bring you back to the location where you used the Wing of Return. You can get this item from Malcolm Mix for 600 Gold.

Bell of Sweet Home: if you use this item, you will be teleported to your Miniland and your current location will be saved. When you leave your Miniland, you will automatically return to that location. The Bell of Sweet Home costs 400 Gold and is available from Malcolm Mix.

Cellon: a Cellon stone will help you add different options to your accessories (rings, chains and bracelets) at Soraya Style (e.g. increasing critical damage, improved HP/MP recovery and much more).

Sands from the Dona River: you need this item when you want to combine shoes or gloves. This is possible with Malcolm Mix in NosVille or Issac Artisan in Port Alveus.

Cella Powder: Cella Powder is required alongside Gold and Soul Gems for improving weapons and equipment. You receive the powder when you work on a Gillion Stone with one of Malcolm Mix's refiners. You can improve weapons and armour at Teodor Topp's in NosVille and Arnold Artisan's in Port Alveus.

Soul Gem: you need these for strengthening weapons and equipment, along with Gold and Cella Powder. With a little luck, you might receive a Soul Gem when you work on Gillion Stones with Soul Gem Refiners provided by Malcolm Mix. You should seek out Teodor Topp in NosVille and Arnold Artisan in Port Alveus if you want to improve an item.

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