Equipment and upgrades


There is a huge selection of equipment and useful items available to you in the game. By combining different objects you can achieve certain effects, allowing you to constantly change and improve your character.

Armour Armour for different level classes can be looted from monsters, earned in Time-Spaces, crafted yourself with the right materials, or earned in raids. Your armour is an important aspect of your character's power, both in attack and defence.

Weapons You can get weapons in the same ways that you get armour. Additionally, each class can carry a secondary weapon (archers carry daggers, mages carry spell guns, swordsmen carry crossbows).

Shoes and Gloves
Aside from the main armour item, you can also wear shoes and gloves. These provide resistance to certain elements. As the items are not very effective on their own, you should combine them at Malcolm Mix’s (e.g. two gloves with 10% each can be combined to make one glove with 20%).

You can find more information in the game guide at: Equipment -> Upgrade -> Methods (at Combining)

Jewellery (accessories)
You can receive jewellery in the same way that you receive armour, weapons, shoes and gloves. You can refine them with the cellon item (= giving options). The higher the level the jewellery is, the higher the cellon level will need to be (up to a maximum of level 10).
You should bring your accessories, cellon and a little gold to Soraya Style in NosVille. She adds options at random (should the process fail, only the cellon is deducted from your inventory).

Possible options:

  • HP increase
  • MP increase
  • Damage from critical hits is reduced
  • HP/MP recovery improved
  • and more

The options are only active as long as the jewellery is worn.

More on refining can be found in the game guide at: Equipment -> Upgrade -> Methods (Refining)

Four elements play a large role with fairies: fire, water, light and shadow. The corresponding fairies to each element strengthen your elemental attack when they accompany your character. You can level all fairies until they reach their maximum potential. You can get fairies on quests and in the NosMall.

An example: a levelled fairy with 40% inflicts 40% more elemental damage on opponents, whereas a fairy with 0% will not inflict any damage.

Overview of the attached equipment items
The overview of all your currently attached items can be found in the character window, which can be opened with the [P] key. Detailed information on an item can be seen by right-clicking.

1 : Wear hats, caps, etc

2 : Wear miscellaneous accessories

3 : Equip Special Cards

4 : Wear Necklaces

5 : Equip right hand items (main weapons)

6 : Wear basic clothes

7 : Equip left hand items (secondary weapons)

8 : Wear gloves

9 : Wear rings

10 : Equip armlets

11 : Equip shoes

12 : Equip Scrolls

13 : Equip Fairies

14: Putting on a hat

15: Putting on an costume

Upgrade system

The upgrade system offers you various ways to reinforce your equipment, upgrade your characters and improve its appearance. An upgrade can, for example, make your character sparkle or give your specialists even bigger wings.

Upgrade possibilities:

Betting is only possible with weapons and armour. They have a specific rarity level which determines the strength of the item. The levels range from -2 (damaged) to +7 (legendary). If you want to change the rarity level, you should visit Teodor Topp in NosVille or Arnold Artisan in Port Alveus. You will need 500 Gold and 5 Cella Powder per attempt.

Upgrades improve your attack or defence. To upgrade an item, you have to visit Teodor Topp in NosVille or Arnold Artisan in Port Alveus. You will need Gold, Cella Powder and Soul Gems to upgrade items.

Soraya Style is the expert when it comes to jewellery. Visit her to improve your jewellery and give it certain attributes with Cellon. The maximum option level specifies the level of Cellon and the maximum option number determines how much Cellon you can use. If the action fails, only the Cellon will disappear, the item will remain.

  • Players can refine Gillion Stones with refiners.
  • There are 3 Refiners. After buying a refiner, if you double click it, 1 Gillion stone will disappears and a concomitant will be made.
1. Soul Gem Refiner: For Soul Gems that upgrade equipment.
2. Cellon Refiner: For Cellon, for adding options to accessories.
3. Crystal Refiner: For Crystals. Crystals are used for Mini-Land structures and mission challenge materials.
4. Refiners are available from Malcolm Mix.

To combine items, you have to visit Malcolm Mix in NosVille or Issac Artisan in Port Alveus. You can only combine shoes with shoes and gloves with gloves. For this you will need sands from the Dona river and a certain amount of gold. You can combine an item up to six times.

Note: the higher the combination level, the higher the chance that the attempt may fail. You can find out more upgrade info in the GameGuide at: Items>Upgrade.

With the help of shells you can add strong attributes to your weapons and armour. You can get them the monsters in Act 4, in raids and from mini bosses. There are many types of shells with different attributes. The higher their rarity level and their item level, the more powerful a shell is.

Rainbow pearls
In order to identify the shell attributes, you need rainbow pearls. You can obtain these in Act 4. The more powerful a shell is, the more rainbow pearls you need to identify their attributes.

Using shells
You can recognise whether a shell can be bound to a weapon/armour by the shell name. The level and rare level of the shell cannot be higher than that of the item. If all requirements have been fulfilled, you can attach the shell to your weapon/armour by double clicking on it. Shells that have already been attached cannot be worn by other characters.

With the eraser's help you can remove shell attributes from items. However, the items still remain bound to you!

You can bind an item that is already bound to another player to yourself with perfume.

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