Communication & Chat

Communication with other players:
The chat window, which can be opened with [Enter], shows your current conversations. Using the menu options below, you can select in which chat you want to write. The options include: general, whisper, family and group. Using the following commands it is also possible to carry out direct communication.

Chat commands: explanation:

  • Blue = Order
  • Green = variable character name/own text

(separate using spaces!)

Family commands (only possible whilst in a family):

  • Appoint a familydeputy: %Familydeputy New_deputy old_deputy
  • Appoint a familykeeper: Appoint %familykeeper Character name
  • Delete familykeeper: Dismiss %familykeeper Character name
  • Name a familydeputy as the familyhead: %Familyhead Character name
  • Leave a family: %Familyleave
  • Invite a player to a family: %Familyinvite Character name
  • Dismiss a player from a family: %Familydismiss Character name
  • Familyshout, readable by all family members: %Familyshout Your desired text
  • Change the quote of the day: %Today Your desired text
  • Family members receive a hint when they login: %Hint Your desired text


  • Accept/block trade request: $Accept exchange $Block exchange
  • Accept/block friend request: $Accept friend $Block friend
  • Accept/block family request: $Accept family $Block family
  • Accept/block whisper: $Accept whisper $Block whisper
  • Accept/block group invite: $Accept group $Block group
  • Revive accompanying pets*/return pets to miniland: $Accept pet $Block pet
  • Revive accompanying partner*/return partner to miniland: $Accept partner $Block partner

Other useful commands:

  • Invite someone to miniland: $Invite Character name
  • Ask a player if they want to help you in a time-space: $Accompany Character name
  • Add a player to your friend's list: $Add Character name
  • Add a player to the blacklist: $Block Character name
  • Invite a player to a group: $Groupinvite Character name
  • See where the other group members are: $Partylocation
  • Show all commands in the chat window: $Command
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