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A raid is a name for a battle against a very strong monster, also known as a boss monster or a raid boss. These battle situations are fought by a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 players. Successful completion of a raid is rewarded with a raid box, which may contain valuable items. A raid seal is required to initiate a raid. You have to complete missions in order for the boss room to open. This can happen by defeating monsters or by using levers. But be sure to watch the time limit. As soon as the boss room is open, the raid boss can be fought. If you lose all your lives during the course of the battle, you fail.

Getting a Raid Seal
You have to find the Hidden Time-Space and successfully complete it to receive a raid seal. You will find the Time-Space Piece you need for this by hunting monsters.

Creating a Raid Team
To create a raid team, you need a raid seal. Double-click on the seal and you will be made leader of the raid team (marked blue in the list). Keep an eye on the minimum and maximum levels, as you need to fulfil the requirements to take part. As a raid leader, you can invite and also delete players manually or via the raid list (K).

Starting a Raid
To start a raid, the leader has to enter the raid portal. All team members that are in the entrance room will be teleported onto the raid map or to the raid leader directly with a [stone of team summon] afterwards.

Cancelling or Leaving a Raid
Press the arrow button in the raid information window to cancel or leave a raid.

Raid List
You can use the raid list to invite players to join you in the fight. Open the list via the skill window (K) and click on [Register a team]. In the same way, you can remove the group from the list. If you are looking for a raid team, select one from the list and click [Become a team member] to join.

Special Feature: Act 4 Raids
Four special raids await you here, one for each element (fire, water, light and shadow). These can be entered exclusively by family members. Additionally, the status of your own faction must be at 100% by defeating monsters or players, so that Lord Mukraju appears. He has to be defeated quickly for the raid portal to open. If you are not fast enough, he or the portal will disappear. You will not need a raid seal, rather reputation points which you have to fight for. Which of the four raids you enter is decided at random.

PvP and PvE

PvP (player versus player) involves fighting against other players. In NosTale, there are two forms: one is the official PvP, where everyone can take part and there are no level limitations. The other form is the closed PvP system, which is carried out in special areas like the Icebreaker and Rainbow Battle for example.

Special PvE Maps
PvE (player versus environment) involves fighting against monsters and characters not controlled by real players. Alongside the general maps, where PvE is the daily bread, there is also Instant Combat and a PvE event.

Battle Potion
A Battle Potion allows you to activate PvP mode anytime and anywhere. All players that have drunk a Battle Potion can attack each other. You can receive this item by hunting monsters, from Eva Energy in NosVille or from Noelia Rosa in Port Alveus.

Icebreaker is an event that starts numerous times a day. The battle is separated into various level groups, for example 1 to 15 or 50 to 99. As soon as you click the button, you will be teleported to the map and all players can then be attacked. The goal is to survive until the end to receive reputation and gold. As soon as you have defeated another player, they will be frozen. They can be freed by other players and will then belong to the 'liberator' team. If the player is defeated a second time, then the battle for them is over. You win when only players on your team are present and not frozen.

Rainbow Battle
You can start this battle every three hours at set times. Form a team as a family head or deputy at Titus Trip, which you can then register for the battle. As soon as opponents have been found, you and your team will be teleported to the Rainbow Battle map. Then you have to be quick and think strategically! It isn't about who gets the most kills here, instead it has to do with crystals on the ground that have to be captured, coloured with your team colour and then defended from other players. Each crystal is worth points – the team with the most points wins and receives an additional buff that lasts for three hours.

Glacernon is a PvP island in Act 4, which you can reach by taking a ship from Port Alveus. Families as well as players without families are separated into two groups, which can later be changed with an item. You head into battle as either an Angel or a Demon and fight against the other faction to earn reputation points for the Act 4 raids.

Instant Combat
Instant Combat starts every two hours and is separated into level groups. Your goal is to survive multiple waves of attacking monsters. The waves get increasingly more difficult, until you finally reach the end boss. When the final wave has been defeated, the Instant Combat is complete and you will receive a large sum of gold as a reward. There are also item pick-ups during the pauses between the attacks.

Arena: You can open the arena via the skills window [K] or from the dialogue with Titus Trip. All level classes are mixed in together. Family arena: In the family arena you fight with your family against other families.

Land of Death
The Land of Death is the go-to location for level-crazy players. This arena can only be entered at certain times during the day and only if you are a family member. There you will meet sinister undead creatures and dangerous monsters that cannot be defeated on your own. After a certain amount of time, the undefeatable Flying Fire Devil will appear and try to hunt you down. If you manage to kill monsters in his vicinity, you will receive a major experience bonus.

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