Act description

The world of NosTale is currently separated into five acts, each with its own story. Diverse landscapes, uncountable monster variants and difficult missions will challenge your skills!

Act 1 – The Tree of Fernon

The humans once lived in a peaceful community with the Kenko people, a tribe of Kovolts – but these times of peace did not last. The Kenkos soon rebelled because of the difficult working conditions in the mines the humans had created. Now the situation is getting worse with every passing day, and the Kenko uprising threatens to break out into all out war. This war threatens to bring about the resurrection of the Fernon tree – which could throw the whole world into chaos. Help to avert the Kovolt revolt and prevent the awakening of Fernon!

Level area: 1-55
Region: NosVille, NosVille Meadows, Mine Plains, Fernon Temple

Act 2 – The Resurrection of the Fernon Tree

Peace has been restored between the humans and the Kovolts. But no one knows whether the resurrection of the Fernon tree was truly prevented. The Catsies, a mysterious feline tribe, hold the key to sealing away the Fernon tree. They have long been arch-enemies of the Kovolts and keep the key needed to save the world well hidden. Only humans can attempt to mediate between the Catsies and Kovolts and save the world from the brink of disaster. Become a peacemaker!

Level area: 56-65
Region: Mt. Krem, Mountain Region, Peak, Caves

Act 3 – The arrival of the Demons

Thanks to your glorious deeds, the evil has been defeated and peace reigns once more. But the adventure is not over yet! A massive, slimy worm has polluted the water underground - the water that the villagers of NosVille drink! Calvin Coach and Mimi Mentor have been acting strange ever since. But that's not all: with the arrival of the Demons a further catastrophe has fallen on the village and a new conflict will put you to a very hard test. There is hope however: you will meet a girl who believes in the value of life and will encounter a boy who is on the hunt for the meaning of life.

Level area: 66-80
Region: Secret Lab, Forest Region (Fir Forest, Maple Woods), Underground Pathway, Seli-Lusha (Giant Water Lily)

Act 4 – The Frozen Crown

After all the stresses and strains, calm has finally returned to the world of NosTale. But an unforeseen incident took place on Glacernon, the island of eternal ice. NosVille urgently needs the assistance of powerful ice magician. Show your courage and bravery and fight by their side. A new adventure awaits in an exciting and strange new world!

Glacernon is a massive PvP (player vs player) area, where Angels and Demons fight. Each player chooses one of the two factions. If you are in a family, you will automatically belong to the faction your family chose. As soon as you enter Glacernon, the status bars of the two groups will appear at the bottom of the screen. These fill up gradually. When a faction reaches 100% on their bar, Lord Mukraju will appear. Defeat him to open the door to the Central Barrier Tower. Provided you have attained a certain number of reputation points, you will arrive in one of the four element family raids. Which one you get is decided at random.

Level area: 80+
Region: Port Alveus, Ice Island Glacernon, Bitoren Tundra, Citadel, Frost Land, Central Barrier Tower
Element Family Raids
  • Shares Canyon (Fire) Boss Monster: Lord Morcos
  • Lorten Forest (Shadow) Boss Monster: Lord Hatus
  • Radikun Beach (Water) Boss Monster: Lady Calvinas
  • Shimmery Crystal Cave (Light) Boss Monster: Lord Berios

Act 5 – The Burning Sword

The Akamur merchants need your help in battle against the desert robbers. Part of the task includes exploration of the temple and the surrounding area, investigation of relics, the exhausting journey across the desert region and the scouting of the dangerous desert robber's camp. As you were checking out the results of the attack on the Akamur merchants, a forgotten and ancient temple was discovered. The sand monster attacks have however prevented further investigation and the threat is on the rise. Support the Akamur merchants!

Level area: 80+
Region: Desert Harbour Mortaz, Desert Region, Oasis, Temple, Ruins, Market

Soon a new doom looms: a mysterious traveller appears and destroys the outer seal of the Burning Sword. The ground shakes, the volcanoes spurt fire and smoke and streams of red-hot lava flow through the land. On top of that, the Demon dog Kertos and the King of Fire Valakus have returned. These huge monsters intend on reawakening an evil and ancient fire god. The merciless Grenigas plans on transforming the world as we know it into one of fire and ash. It would mean the end of all life! Only the bravest and most courageous adventurers will be able to set off into the dark regions of the Burning Sword. Are you one of them? The final, inner seal has to be defended and protected with all available strength. Some hard tests lie before you. Get underway now and put yourself up against the ruthless heat of the Burning Sword region!

Level area: 80+
Region: Desert Landscape, Rashid Temple, Grenigas Temple, Volcano, Lava Region

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