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[22/7–19/8/15] Summer Event 2015: Grab a bunny by the ears and earn a new partner!



Jul 21

[22/7–19/8/15] Summer Event 2015: Grab a bunny by the ears and earn a new partner!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Events - 21. July 2015
You think bunnies only hop around at Easter? Not in NosTale! This year's summer event is all about bunnies, carrots and a rather shady tortoise. Confront the clever little Lola Lopears in the raid and pick up some great event items. While you're at it, pick up the brand-new Specialist Partner Card for Lucy Lopears!NEW SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS FROM 22/7/2015 TO 19/8/2015Lucy Lopears' Specialist Partner Card Pick up the new Specialist Partner Card with the fire element. Lucy Lopears will be your loyal, powerful partner.
Feb 10

[11.-25.02.2015] Valentine's event at NosTale - Show your emotions!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Events - 10. February 2015
Is there someone that you've always wanted to confess your feelings to? Use your chance during the valentine's event. From the 11th to the 25th of February 2015, you have the chance to tell someone how you really feel - the season for lovers and good friends has arrived! Give gifts to everyone you like!
Nov 30

Nostale Advent Calendar

By Juiced in Events - 30. November 2014
 Hey NosPlayers! It’s again that magical time of the year, when Christmas is getting closer… And that means that it is time for our traditional Advent Calendar! This year it comes with a few novelties, but what hasn’t changed is the fact that, once again, you have the chance to win some fantastic prizes for yourself! Sounds good, right? ¿How can you participate? Easy, just click on the following link to go to our calendar: Every
Oct 30

Double EXP Event

By Juiced in Events - 30. October 2014
Hello NosPlayers, it's Halloween time and we want to celebrate it together with you! Take the chance to level up your character during the EXP event running this weekend.  Double EXP event will run from 31.10.2014 midnight until 03.11.2014 at midnight.Have fun, Your Nostale Team
Apr 20

[from 21.04.2014] Weekly Challenge – Solve our challenges and pick up some awesome prizes!

By Unsichtbarer (Quality Assurance) in Events - 20. April 2014
So you completed your last adventure with ease. Are you looking for a new challenge? Then take part in our "Weekly Challenge" event, and put yourself to the test for 6 weeks of varied and tricky challenges. There are loads of great prizes just waiting to be won! Each week we will give you 2 challenges with 3 difficulty levels.

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