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[from 20.09.2014] Feather up with the new specialist chest: wondrous wings & more!



Aug 18

[from 20.08.2014] Explore the dark side as Seer, Demon Hunter or Death Reaper!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 18. August 2014
An ominous cloud is hovering over the world of NosTale. The forces of darkness are preparing the way for Caligor the Golden Titan. You must stop him at all costs, or he will destroy everything you hold dear. The angels and new specialist cards with the shadow element will help you to hold back the dark tide. Stand up to the forces of darkness as a Seer, Demon Hunter or Death Reaper!
Aug 15

Summer event 2014: from 20.08. to 17.09. Port Alveus will be back under pirate reign!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 15. August 2014
Yo-ho - Captain Pete O‘ Peng is back! After a long journey over the seven seas I have returned - more dangerous than ever before! You've got no chance this time! I'm going to make sea dragon food out of you! Harharhar! This is going to be great fun. And then I'll enjoy ruling over your seas - with a bottle of rum! You can't beat me, you'd need a whole army! So come on, try taking me on, I'll wait for you here!Captain Pete O'Peng and his crew are waiting for you!
Jul 01

Animas Online: Earn some free NosDollars!

By ispread (Product Director) in Nostale - 01. July 2014
Use this chance! For a short time only! Download the free 'Animas Online' app. As soon as you have completed Chapter 1 of 'Animas Online', you'll receive a coupon worth 25 NosDollars for NosTale as a thank you.

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