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[from 27.03.2015] Feel you've been wronged? Puss in Boots will sort it out!



Mar 26

[from 27.03.2015] Feel you've been wronged? Puss in Boots will sort it out!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 26. March 2015
There's a new tomcat in town. And he has no time for people who take advantage of the poor and defenceless. Puss in Boots is the keeper of law and order, the avenger of those who can't defend themselves. Have him join you. Together you'll make the perfect team under the slogan ‘Do good and good will come to you.’ On top of which, Puss is an excellent fighting partner, and once he's warmed up, there's no stopping him. Every hit is a crit – for a whole 10 seconds. If you want this pet as your new companion right away, for a short time you'll be able to pick him up as an item directly.
Mar 18

Easier, quicker, better – discover our new NosMall!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 18. March 2015
We've given our shop a fresh new lick of paint and are very happy to present you with the new incarnation of the NosMall. The shop now features a search function, allowing to find all of your favourite items quickly and easily. Better organised categories and new ones for especially popular items also allow you to find what you want at a glance. The newly overhauled NosMall will be available to you in the game and on our website starting today!
Mar 10

Maintenance - 11.03.2015

By Juiced in Nostale - 10. March 2015
Hey NosPlayers, tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance. When exactly? Wednesday March 11th 2015 from 9:00h to approximately 14:00h CET. What will be changed? We will perform more technical adjustments and updates on the servers. For this reason, maintenance will take longer than usual. Your NosTale-Team
Jan 29

[starting now] Discover new worlds with the brand-new Viking Bushi!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 29. January 2015
Set sail like the ancient men of the north and return to bask in your victories! The brand-new Viking Bushi is a particularly cunning beast, a more than useful companion on all of your plunderous adventures. Make sure to get yours now! The Specialist Chest: Viking Bushi & More includes the sneaky Viking Bushi and useful upgrade items for specialists.

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