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[from 18.04.2014] Find a pair of divine daemon wings in the new specialist chest!



Apr 14

[16.04. – 07.05.2014] Easter event: hatch an egg – something cool will come out!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 14. April 2014
Be at the Easter event from 07.05.2014! Look forward to the following highlights: Raid: Make sure that the mean Chicken Queen clucks her last cluck! But beware of the Chicken King, who protects his hen and of the chicks that leave the nest. When you complete the raid for the first time, you will receive the Mysterious Egg once per account. You can also gain an egg from a raidbox.
Mar 13

[from 14.03.2014] Fancy a windfall? Then head for the NosMall!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 13. March 2014
Has collecting all of that gold given you backache? Do you sometimes wish you had a leprechaun's pot of gold and only needed to dip your hands into it? Sadly we can't conjure up any leprechauns. But how about the new Lump of Gold in the NosMall? Here you can easily collect gold for your own pot. The Lump of Gold is worth 100,000 gold.

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