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[starting now] Discover new worlds with the brand-new Viking Bushi!



Jan 29

[starting now] Discover new worlds with the brand-new Viking Bushi!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 29. January 2015
Set sail like the ancient men of the north and return to bask in your victories! The brand-new Viking Bushi is a particularly cunning beast, a more than useful companion on all of your plunderous adventures. Make sure to get yours now! The Specialist Chest: Viking Bushi & More includes the sneaky Viking Bushi and useful upgrade items for specialists.
Dec 06

[starting now] Pick up the Indian Bushi from the brand-new Specialist Chest!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 06. December 2014
Think playing Cowboys & Indians is a thing of the past? Think again! The brand-new Indian Bushi is a shrewd little fellow. Become blood brothers with him and this brave companion will follow you everywhere, standing up to every danger. The Special Chest: Indian Bushi & More includes the skillful Indian Bushi and upgrade items for specialists.
Oct 28

[29.10.-19.11.2014] New Halloween Event 2014 – Tame the fox and get yourself a new partner!

By Ghostwriter (Texter) in Nostale - 28. October 2014
Boo! Ghosts to the left, monsters to the right, and we've lined up a fangtastic Halloween in the middle for you! Gone is the battle against the evil pumpkin – now you must face the cunning nine-tailed vixen! Wilier and nimbler than Jack O'Lantern, you'll need every ounce of your wits about you to defeat her. Plus pick up the brand new Specialist Partner Card for Foxy!

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